Accommodating Users with Different Needs
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Engaging and interactive courseware

that creates fun and exciting classes


Supports multiple devices in

order to adapt to learners’ needs


Follow children’s in-class

and after-school performance


Analytical tools to help

improve operational efficiency

ALO7 Online Tutoring

One-stop online tutoring solutions

for schools and institutions

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Company Profile
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Company Profile

ALO7, an internationally renowned English learning products developer, has established itself as a pioneer of children’s education in a digital era. The brand’s innovative and exciting products are utilized in over 4000 teaching centers and schools across China, with a total of 15 million students and teachers enjoying ALO7’s educational solutions.

Dr. Pengkai Pan

Dr. Pan is an internationally renowned expert in childhood education and holds a PhD and a Master’s Degree from MIT’s Media Lab.

Andrew Shewbart

Mr. Shewbart established a successful chain of language schools in Taiwan. He was the first Academic Director at Disney English. He is the lead consultant for English Language Learning Programming for CCTV and earned his Master’s Degree in Education from the University of York.

Melinda Thompson

Ms. Thompson is the Editor-in-Chief at ALO7 and has over 30 years of experience in children’s educational publishing. Prior to joining ALO7, she was a founding member of Disney English and was a Senior Producer in charge of content production.

Dr. Karen Price

Dr. Karen Price is a master of second language acquisition. She is a former professor at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education, a former deputy director of ESL curriculum research and production, and has received multiple awards for her contributions to both the educational and scientific fields. Her work has been recognized by the Apple Classroom of Tomorrow Institution.

Teaching, learning, practicing, and assessing

Multi-platform interface provides a comprehensive, cutting-edge educational experience

Pre-class, in-class, post-class

Interactive and engaging suite of learning apps maximizes language acquisition

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